2015-04-30 7:07 pm

‚ÄčApologies for the lack of updates. This past Monday marked the 2nd move I made in as many months. The first was merely a temporary stop until we could move into the new place. I pretty much just unpacked my computer and spent the rest of February and March wearing the same three t-shirts and saying, “What box did I put that in?” a lot. But now I’m here, and unpacking everything is slow and arduous when sandwiched between all the other moving-related things that need to get done.

My cintiq is attached to my desk, but still packed in bubble wrap. I’m waiting for a drill bit to arrive so I can cut a hole in my new desk and clean up all these cables. Hell, the past few days, the power drill and a tub of spackle have become more familiar to me than a stylus. I’ve spent hours away from my desk planting my odd crop of potatoes and untangling wind chimes. I alternate between unpacking, cleaning, and ordering more books for the upcoming con season. The break is nice, but those like me understand the sinking feeling in my gut as I see other creators continuing to create. I just moved, but I’m aching to move forward…

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