Comic Chapters

Prologue: The Beach

As summer draws to a close, Riti and Meg take a trip to the beach. Riti also recalls a simpler, quieter time.

Chapter 1: Flip Side

A day in the life of Riti Mirabilay—art store clerk and serial daydreamer—begins with dreams from her past.

Chapter 2: Grouping

Meg's loafing pushes Riti to concoct a scheme to keep her distracted. Meanwhile, things begin to look bleak at the art store.

Chapter 3: Let's Talk About Meg

As Riti's plans crystallize, Meg proves herself more unpredictable than expected.

Chapter 4: War

Riti and Meg go on the offensive over their mutual space issues—with disregard towards the unwitting third parties involved.

Chapter 5: The Birds and the Beetle

As the art show draws near, Riti finds herself gripped by artist's block, and unknowingly mixed up in the schemes she set into motion.

Chapter 6: This is the Beginning/End

It's Riti's night to shine at the company art show. Meg executes her plot, while a nefarious third party joins the fray.
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